Friday, May 11, 2007

Rolled buttercream with fondant and gumpaste flowers

This cake is a 10 in. double layer covered with rolled buttercream and has fondant-gumpaste flowers and box. It has buttercream in the center of the two layers. The board is covered with embossed fondant. Everything is handmade by me...

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Communion / Baptism cakes

My friend hired me to help her decorate some First Communnion cakes. This is an open book cake with fondant/gumpaste flowers. It is covered in cream cheese icing,it has a plastic (not edible) wine cup on top and the yellow strips are colored fondant.


I do FONDANT cakes, Fondant and gumpaste flowers, rolled buttercream.
Many cake flavors: French vanilla, Yellow cake, chocolate, red velvet and more...
Buttercream icing with vanilla, butter or almond flavoring
Whipped icing
Cream cheese icing

Basket weave

This technique makes your cake look like a basket. Cake shown has royal icing decorations.
Double layer 10 in cake

Tier cake

Tier cakes require assembly at location.
The one shown has royal icing flowers which are extra.
This one has 1- 10 in.single layer round cake on the bottom, 1- 8 in. single layer and 1- 6 in. single layer on top


Cupcakes are fun and really easy to serve.
Toppers and decorations are extra depending on what you want

Character cakes

Character cakes serve 10 to 15 people

Monday, May 7, 2007

Edible Image Cake

Sleeping Beauty Edible Image Cake
Size: Half sheet